Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is made up of leaders, experts, and advocates who have been fighting for years to make our economy work for working people.

Vasudha Desikan

Vasudha Desikan is the Political Director at the Action Center on Race & the Economy (ACRE). Vasudha comes from a long history of campaigning in the labor movement, mostly with low-wage workers at SEIU. Most recently, Vasudha was the Policy Director at United for Respect where she worked closely with progressive Congressional members to amplify the voices and leadership of retail workers at Amazon, Walmart, and private-equity owned retail companies. She holds a M.A. in International Relations from American University.

Indi Dutta-Gupta

Indivar Dutta-Gupta is Co-Executive Director at the Georgetown Center on Poverty & Inequality where he leads work to develop and advance ideas for reducing domestic poverty and economic inequality, with a focus on gender and racial equity. Indivar also serves on the boards of directors for the National Academy of Social Insurance and Indivisible Civics (501c3), on the Aspen Institute’s Benefits21 Leadership Advisory Group, as an advisor to Liberation in a Generation, an advisor to The Policy Academies, and on the Time’s Up Measure Up Advisory Board. He has served as a volunteer advisor for the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden and has previously worked at Freedman Consulting, the Center for American Progress, U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee, and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Domenica Ghanem

Domenica Ghanem does communications for progressive movements and campaigns. She is the Director of Public Relations at Community Change/Action and Editor of, a publication amplifying the stories of directly impacted people and grassroots organizers. Domenica previously led media and communications work at the Institute for Policy Studies, and content creation for political campaigns, nonprofit organizations and government agencies with Three(i) Creative Communications. She graduated with a Bachelors in Journalism and Political Science from the University of Connecticut.

Alex Harman

Alex Harman is the Director of Government Affairs, Antimonopoly and Competition Policy for Economic Security Project Action, where he works to address concentration and market power in key sectors of our economy, including in online commerce and communications in order to provide stronger antitrust protections for consumers and workers. Prior to coming to ESP, Alex advocated for stronger antitrust laws at Public Citizen, served as chief counsel to Senator Mazie Hirono on the Senate Judiciary Committee, as well as other senior political and policy roles in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives and in the Obama administration.

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison is the executive director of Working America, AFL-CIO, a three-and-a-half-million-member labor organization mobilizing working people who don’t have the benefit of a union at their jobs.

Prior to becoming executive director in 2018, Morrison was Working America’s Political Director (2008), John Edwards for President’s Deputy Political Director, government affairs representative for the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, and a legislative assistant for Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.).

He holds undergraduate and law degrees from Washington University in St. Louis.

Lindsay Owens

Lindsay Owens is the Executive Director of the Groundwork Collaborative. Lindsay has worked in academia, government, and the non-profit sector for nearly 15 years. Most recently, she served as a senior economic policy adviser to Senator Elizabeth Warren and as deputy chief of staff and legislative director to Reps. Keith Ellison and Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal. In these roles, Lindsay was instrumental in crafting and passing legislation to expand the social safety net, increase power for workers, and build a more inclusive economy for all. She has also served as a policy adviser to candidates for state, local, and national office, including several presidential campaigns.

Laura Packard

Laura Packard is a Denver-based health care advocate and stage 4 cancer survivor, and also founder of Health Care Voices, a non-profit grassroots organization for adults with serious medical conditions. She was blocked by former President Trump on Twitter in 2017, thrown out of former Senator Heller’s public event for asking about his health care record, did three national health care bus tours with Protect Our Care and a statewide Colorado bus tour with Cardboard Cory to hold former Senator Gardner accountable for his health care record, shared her story with future President Joe Biden in primetime at the Democratic National Convention in 2020, and introduced President Barack Obama at the 11th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. Laura has reached tens of millions of people across the country with her story while fighting to protect our health care.

Maura Quint

Maura Quint is the Wealth Tax Campaign Director for Americans for Tax Fairness, where she works to implement a fairer tax code and an economy that works for all. Prior to this role, she served as the Executive Director of Tax March, having helped to found the movement in 2017. She is committed to grassroots progressive activism and focused on systemic change. And naturally, she writes a bit of comedy on the side.