Tax the Rich

Tax the Rich, formerly known as Tax March, is a grassroots movement fighting for a more equitable tax code and an economy that works for everyone — not just those at the top. Our organizers across the nation advocate in their communities and in Washington for policies to tax the rich and invest in middle and working class communities.

Corporations and the extremely wealthy have successfully lobbied Congress for lower tax rates and loopholes that let them avoid paying taxes, while working Americans are paying more than their share and falling behind because we have less power. In fact, at least 55 of the largest corporations in the U.S. paid no federal corporate income tax last year, including FedEx, Salesforce, Dish Network, and Nike.

It’s time for the rich and big corporations to pay what they owe in taxes, and that money should be used to invest in working people. If middle class and working Americans are paying their taxes, why shouldn’t corporations?

Our Work

  • Tax March launched on April 15, 2017 as a march to demand that former President Trump release his tax returns. We rallied 150,000 strong in 200 cities to call for transparency and a more just tax system.
  • Not One Penny organized the opposition to the Trump Tax and fought against tax cuts for the wealthy because we knew that more tax giveaways would mean devastating cuts to health care, retirement security, education and more.
  • Repeal the Trump Tax was a 100-day tour to over 33 cities in 18 states holding our elected officials accountable for raising taxes on working families while cutting taxes on the wealthiest individuals and corporations. The Tax the Rich Bus Tour and Tax Justice Truth Tour both took the fight on the road across the country again.
  • In 2022, Tax March became Tax the Rich and joined Unrig Our Economy to continue fighting for a fairer tax code and a stronger middle class.