As we move toward a post-COVID reality, what will this ‘new normal’ look like when our nation is still in crisis? The pandemic served to reinforce the social, economic, political, and health disparities that plague American society. From record income inequality to racist voter suppression laws, our economy and democracy are rigged in favor of the few at the expense of the many. Factor in a 24-hour news cycle filtered through social media that’s polluted with misinformation and it can feel impossible to keep track of what’s going on and how to take action.

That’s why we built PeopleGreater, a nationwide network of advocates taking action to confront our nation’s biggest challenges. It provides a space to share your story, thoughts, and reactions, and pass along opportunities to engage with the progressive movement at a higher level.

We’re not interested in dissecting every moment of congressional drama (we’ll leave that to cable news). We want to help facilitate action and provide you with the information and resources to take action. We believe that everyone can become an advocate for change, and in times like these, pretty much everyone needs to be.