Health Care Voter

Health Care Voter is a grassroots campaign that mobilizes millions across the country to hold lawmakers accountable for attacks on our access to quality affordable health care and fights for a more modern, moral and dignified health care system.

Our work centers on amplifying health care advocates across the country. From patients on the front lines to parents fighting for their children’s lives, from lawmakers to celebrities, Health Care Voter campaigns collect thousands of stories and empower millions more to tell their stories for advocacy.

Meet Unrig Our Economy Advisory Board Member and Health Care Voter Executive Director, Laura Packard.

Our Work

  • CareTalk is a weekly people focused call-in web, TV show and podcast for Americans with health care and health insurance questions.
  • What’s At Stake was a web series hosted by April Reign with partners, celebrities, experts, patient advocates, and lawmakers to highlight what was at stake for health care in the 2020 elections.
  • Our Lives On The Line was a digital town hall series that elevated the stories of Americans affected by the coronavirus.
  • Affordable Insulin Now was a campaign aimed at holding politicians and pharmaceutical executives accountable and pushing for bold actions to address the high cost of Insulin.
  • Health Care Facts was an effort to provide the American people with factual information to common questions about health care and prescription drug costs.

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