Latest Unrig Our Economy Ads Feature District Residents Asking Their Representatives to Work for Working People, Not Wealthy Corporations

New ads are part of a $4.5M national ad campaign to shift the narrative on the economy

Washington, D.C. Unrig Our Economy, a campaign to hold corporations, the wealthy, and their enablers in Congress accountable for rigging the economy against working people, released new ads that will begin airing today across four congressional districts: CA-22 (Rep. Valadao), IA-02 (Rep. Hinson), NE-02 (Rep. Bacon), and NY-11 (Rep. Malliotakis). The ads feature residents holding representatives accountable for votes that prioritize massive corporations over their constituents and describing how their lives have been impacted as a result. 

“Wealthy corporations have been taking advantage of working class people for too long, and Republican lawmakers like Reps. Valadao, Hinson, Bacon, and Malliotakis have consistently enabled them to do so,” said Unrig Our Economy Campaign Director Sarah Baron. “The real-life stories shared in these ads are a reminder that economic issues like corporate price-gouging, corporations not paying the taxes they owe, and corporate concentration have tangible, daily impacts on people throughout the country. Working people deserve representatives in Congress who will fight for their needs over those of corporations and the ultra-rich.” 

These testimonials will air on TV and digital to educate district residents on where their representatives stand on key economic issues. These are the second round of ads for the Unrig campaign, and will air through the end of July. 

  • Chris (IA-02): A family farmer in Iowa calls out Rep. Hinson for refusing to vote to cap off insulin at $35, resulting in him paying $500 a month for necessary medication.
  • Shawn (IA-02): A small business owner in Iowa calls out Rep. Hinson for voting against raising wages and improving working conditions for working class families.
  • Nick (NE-02): A firefighter and small business owner in Nebraska explains that he’s working two jobs yet still has trouble making ends meet for his family. “I’m not looking for that handout, I’m looking to be put on a level playing field.”
  • Katherine (NE-02): Another small business owner in Nebraska has a message for Rep. Bacon, “I am never not working. … I have to pay my taxes, they should too.”
  • Alma (CA-22): A business operator for her husband’s small trucking business calls out Rep. Valadao for voting against small businesses.
  • Tasha (CA-22): A caretaker and diabetic in California calls out Rep. Valadao for voting in favor of large corporations and voting against capping insulin prices for hard-working Californians.
  • Ms. Morris (NY-11): A healthcare worker in New York points out that Rep. Malliotakis voted in favor of drug companies that made insulin ten times more expensive than it used to be.

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