NEW ADS: Unrig Our Economy Calls Out Members of Congress for Siding with Corporations, Not Working People

Washington, D.C. — Unrig Our Economy, a new campaign to hold corporations, the wealthy, and their enablers in Congress accountable for rigging the economy against working people, announced a new ad campaign airing in four congressional districts. The ads, which begin airing today in CA-22, IA-02, NE-02, and NY-11, call out members of Congress for siding with corporations over working people, voting to cut corporate taxes and against lowering the price of prescription drugs.

“When working people and middle class families can get ahead, we all get ahead. But for too long wealthy corporations, their shareholders, and their Republican allies have been rigging the economy to their benefit,” said Unrig Our Economy Campaign Director Sarah Baron. “These new ads shed light on the votes and stances taken by four members of Congress who have consistently put the interests of corporations over those of their constituents — because Americans deserve to know who their representatives in Congress are really representing.”

Airing on TV and digital platforms, the ads are the first in a $4.5 million buy that seeks to hold representatives accountable for voting for wealthy corporations, like big pharma and the oil and gas industry, over their hardworking constituents. Upcoming ads will feature testimonials from working people in each district calling on their representatives to put their constituents first. The campaign will run through the summer.

  • Focus’ points out that Rep. Ashley Hinson (IA-02) voted against capping the cost of insulin and ensuring Medicare covers hearing aids — after she and her husband made more than $1 million off investments in drug and insurance companies.

  • ‘Bacon’ calls out Rep. Don Bacon (NE-02) for voting to cut taxes for wealthy corporations that are raising prices and keeping workers’ wages low.

  • Backbone’ asks Rep. Valadao (CA-22) — who voted to cut taxes for wealthy corporations and against lowering the cost of prescription drugs — to vote for hardworking Californians.

  • ‘Get Ahead’ points out that Rep. Malliotakis (NY-11) took campaign donations from the oil industry, voted against legislation that would have raised wages, and voted against lowering the price of prescription drugs.

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