PHOTOS: 30-Ft ‘Corporate Fat Cat’ Inflated on the National Mall To Protest Big Oil’s Price Gouging

Demonstrators Called Out Big Oil and Republicans in Congress for High Gas Prices

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Following the release of the June Consumer Price Index (CPI) report, which showed inflation hit a 40 year high, with prices rising 9.1% over the year, Unrig Our Economy inflated its 30 ft. mascot, Mr. Rigs the “corporate fat cat,” on the National Mall to call out mega corporations, particularly Big Oil companies, for price gouging Americans to make record profits — and Republicans in Congress for enabling them.

This event was Mr. Rigs’ Washington, D.C debut, but he has previously made appearances in cities across the country to call out some of the biggest perpetrators of corporate price gouging.

As Americans struggle to afford basic necessities like gas and groceries, giant corporations are using inflation as an excuse to pad their pockets. Although House Democrats recently introduced and passed the Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act to crack down on price gouging by Big Oil, every single Republican in the House opposed the legislation.

“Republican members of Congress must decide where they stand — with the constituents they were elected to serve, or with massive corporations,” said Unrig Our Economy campaign director Sarah Baron. “Until they make that call, Mr. Rigs will continue to serve as a reminder that everyday Americans are sick and tired of corporate greed, and demanding that their representatives stand up for their best interests.”


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