Unrig Our Economy Launches New Ad Campaign Holding Don Bacon Accountable for Harmful Cuts Ahead of Shutdown

The over $400,00 ad buy is running on broadcast, cable, streaming, and digital in Nebraska’s second congressional district 


WASHINGTON, D.C.  As the government moves towards a shutdown caused by House Republicans at the end of September, Unrig Our Economy is launching an ad campaign urging Rep. Don Bacon not to shut down the government. 


The ad also calls out House Republicans’ shutdown demands, which would result in higher day-to-day costs for seniors and working families, and highlights Rep. Don Bacon’s priority of passing more tax breaks for the wealthy and large corporations.


View the ad here


Unrig Our Economy campaign director Sarah Baron issued the following statement:

“Rep. Bacon’s priorities are all wrong. He seems to be most interested in taking away what his constituents need —from Social Security and Medicare to food assistance—while preparing to hand out more tax breaks to billionaires and big corporations. We cannot have House Republicans like Bacon push the government into a shutdown to leverage harmful cuts that would raise costs for everyday working people. His constituents deserve to know that time and time again, he will choose billionaires and corporate special interests over the people in his district.” 


See the full script of the NE-02 ad, “Here We Go Again” below:

Fall is in the air…

Kids are in school…

Football is back

And Republicans in Congress want to shut the country down to help their rich friends… again

Their shutdown demands would raise day-to-day costs for seniors and working families. 

And slash access to Medicare and Social Security…

While Don Bacon pushes for bigger tax breaks for corporations and billionaires.

C’mon, Don.

Save our Bacon. Not theirs.

Don’t shut us down.


To learn more about the campaign, visit UnrigOurEconomy.com or contact [email protected]