Unrig Our Economy Launches New Ad to Hold Rep. Duarte Accountable For Siding With Corporations as We Approach Economic Default

WASHINGTON, D.C. —Today, Unrig Our Economy launched new ads in the Merced Sun-Star and Modesto Bee to hold Rep. John Duarte (CA-13) accountable for protecting major tax breaks to billionaires while slashing benefits for constituents. These ads are in addition to Unrig’s seven-figure TV ad campaign that kicked off earlier this month. 

Rep. Duarte was one of the deciding votes on McCarthy’s Default on America Act – which would cut funding for veteran health services, education, and childcare – benefits  that thousands of constituents in his district rely on. 

What his vote means for his district:  

  • Threatens health benefits for 22,000 veterans 
  • Threatens SNAP benefits that  81,000 families rely on and Medicaid benefits that 405,000 people rely on

In response, Unrig Our Economy campaign director Sarah Baron issued the following statement:

“Rep. Duarte’s decision to side with billionaires and his party politics over his constituents is disappointing. We will not allow House Republicans, like Rep. Duarte, to continuously deceive their voters by claiming to be ‘on their side’ when it comes to economic issues when they’ve shown time and time again that they are only on the side of big corporations and billionaires.” 

To learn more about the campaign, visit UnrigOurEconomy.com or contact [email protected]