Constituents Over Corporations Week of Action Holds Republicans Accountable for Inflation Reduction Act Vote

In key Congressional districts across the country, organizers and local community members gathered last week to call out their Republican members of Congress for standing with corporations over their working constituents.
Advocates took part in the Constituents Over Corporations Week of Action, holding town halls and events to call out their representatives — Rep. Hinson, Rep. Bacon, Rep. Valadao, Rep. Fitzpatrick, and Rep. Chabot — for voting against lowering prescription drug prices and making corporations pay their fair share in taxes. While working people across the country have been suffering the brunt of inflation, in no small part due to price gouging corporations, their Republican representatives have voted time and time again to enable corporations at working peoples’ expense, most recently by voting against the Inflation Reduction Act.
While the Republican representatives in each district were invited to their respective town halls and events, none of them showed up to hear the concerns of their constituents. Regardless of their absence, the events provided an opportunity for constituents to speak with organizers, discuss how economic issues are affecting them, and get the facts on their representatives.
“For the better part of three years, Ohioans have struggled with inflation as just about everything has gotten more expensive. But when Rep. Steve Chabot had the chance to stand up for his constituents and bring prices down, he put corporations first,” said Desiree Tims, the president and CEO of Innovation Ohio. “Rep. Chabot knows that Ohio won’t stand for this betrayal, which is why he refused to show up for our town hall. If he won’t even speak with his constituents in his own district, he can’t be trusted to fight for Ohioans in Washington.”
“Nebraskans deserve a leader who votes for good policy, not for their own wallet. We hosted a town hall to help Rep. Don Bacon understand the difference, but he was too busy to talk with the people he represents,” said Kevin Cass, a spokesperson for Unrig Our Economy Nebraska. “The Inflation Reduction Act will bring costs down for Nebraskans and protect them from price gouging corporations. While we’re grateful that the policy became law, it is beyond disappointing to once again see Rep. Bacon ignoring the needs of his constituents.”
“Yesterday, we heard powerful and moving accounts of how Pennsylvanians are coping with the economy and overcoming years of inflated prices. These are perspectives that Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick needs to hear, but unfortunately, he couldn’t be bothered to show up,” said Ali Feldman, Federal Organizing Associate for The 99% Pennsylvania campaign of the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center. “If Rep. Fitzpatrick listened to his constituents, he never would have voted against capping the cost of insulin or against the Inflation Reduction Act. Instead, he only has ears for his corporate donors — and that’s an unacceptable injustice for an elected official.”
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