New Full-Page Ads Call Out Republicans for Voting Against Inflation Reduction Act

Today, full-page ads from Unrig Our Economy are running in The New York Times and USA Today, calling out Republicans in Congress for unanimously opposing the Inflation Reduction Act, instead standing in lockstep with big corporations against working people. Every Republican voted against the landmark bill, which will lower costs for working people, rein in corporate greed, and ensure corporations are paying their fair share in taxes. The bill, which has been passed by Democrats in both chambers of Congress, will be signed into law by President Biden later today.

Tomorrow, Unrig Our Economy ads with the same message will appear digitally across The New York Times’s homepage.

“When Republicans in Congress voted against the Inflation Reduction Act last week, they voted against the interests of their own hard-working constituents — the people they were elected to represent,” said Sarah Baron, campaign director of Unrig Our Economy. “Every single Republican must be made to answer for that vote and explain why protecting corporate profits takes precedence over lowering costs for working people of their district.”

This new ad campaign will kick off a larger week of action as Unrig Our Economy and local partners host town halls, district office visits, and community events to hold their representatives accountable for siding with corporations over their constituents.

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