NEW POLLING MEMO: Voters Across Party Lines Blame Corporations for High Prices

Four out of five Americans say corporate greed is driving inflation, support legislation focused on combating price gouging, according to the latest public opinion research 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As America grapples with the worst inflation in 40 years, a diverse array of polling shows that Americans across party lines support legislation to combat price gouging and hold corporations accountable, according to a new memo from Unrig Our EconomyFight Corporate Monopolies, and Groundwork Collaborative.

“These polling results send a clear message: people want policies that build toward a healthier economy and address inflation,” said Dr. Rakeen Mabud, Chief Economist and Managing Director of Policy and Research at the Groundwork Collaborative. “Policies like tackling corporate greed and corporate power to bring down prices, increasing taxes on the wealthiest Americans and the biggest corporations, and putting more money into the pockets of workers and families are not only popular; they would also effectively address the root causes of inflation.”   

The memo summarizes recent polling from Groundwork Collaborative and Fight Corporate Monopolies, as well as Navigator Research and others — showing a clear consensus among Americans that corporate greed is a key driver of inflation, and strong support for legislation to rein in profiteering and price gouging.

“No matter what poll you’re looking at or what slice of the population you’re talking to, Americans across the board see corporate greed and price gouging as the reasons for high prices,” said Sarah Baron, Campaign Director of Unrig Our Economy. “Now that we have the data, we need Congress to take action and hold corporations accountable for increasing prices to pad their pockets, while working people have to decide to put gas in their cars or feed their families.”

Key findings include:

  • In new tracking from Navigator Research, four in five Americans say that “corporations being greedy and raising prices to make record profits” is driving inflation, including two in three Democrats and Independents who say it is a “major cause.”

  • In recent polling from GBAO and Fight Corporate Monopolies, 83 percent of Americans support legislation that restricts price gouging and regulates large corporations — including a plurality of Republicans who believe corporations need more regulation.

  • Recent polling from Data for Progress and Groundwork Collaborative finds 67 percent of Americans supporting legislation that cracks down on corporations that raise prices unfairly to combat inflation.

“This polling shows that working people know concentrated corporate power is hurting their communities, and they want politicians to take bold action to combat it. Voters across party lines want to know what side you’re on: Do you stand with working families hit with higher costs, or corporate monopolies that are jacking up prices to pad their pockets,” said Helen Brosnan, Executive Director of Fight Corporate Monopolies. “Voters are poised to reward leaders who aren’t afraid to crack down on corporations who control our economy and corrupt our political system.”

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