Unrig Our Economy Statement on House Passage of Default Deal

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, just days before the default deadline, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bipartisan deal to avoid economic catastrophe. This vote comes weeks after House Republicans voted for the Default on America Act, which cut veterans’ health care and Medicaid, increased day-to-day costs, and slashed food assistance for millions of working people across the country, all so Republicans could keep letting corporations and billionaires avoid paying their fair share in taxes.

The national debt exploded four years ago after a Republican Congress passed Trump’s tax breaks for big corporations and the rich, and it’s that debt that House Republicans just risked the livelihoods of millions of working Americans and held the global economy hostage for. And it’s those tax breaks for big corporations and the rich that we’ll soon see House Republicans aim to extend, despite their rhetorical demands to reduce the deficit.

In response, Unrig Our Economy campaign director Sarah Baron issued the following statement:

“Make no mistake, the only reason Americans have been brought to the brink of economic disaster is that House Republicans are doing the bidding of billionaires and big corporations instead of fighting for the well-being of everyday working people they purport to represent, which they demonstrate time and time again.

House Republicans voted to harm Americans across the board, including seniors, veterans, and families losing benefits they have earned and rely on. They risked hundreds of thousands of American jobs and a significant drop in GDP, all so that corporate special interests and billionaires could keep their sweetheart deals. 

No real deficit reduction option exists where corporations and billionaires aren’t paying their fair share, and we will continue to hold Republicans in Congress accountable for refusing to make them do so.”

To learn more about the campaign, visit UnrigOurEconomy.com or contact [email protected].