Unrig Our Economy Statement on House Republican Effort to Revive the Trump Tax Scam

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Just weeks after bringing the country to the brink of default and risking the livelihoods of millions of working Americans, House Republicans are about to push for a revival of the Trump Tax Scam, which would double down on tax breaks for big corporations.

The national debt exploded four years ago after a Republican Congress passed Trump’s tax breaks for big corporations and the rich, and it’s that debt that House Republicans just held millions of working Americans and the global economy hostage for. And it’s those tax breaks for big corporations that we now see House Republicans aiming to extend, despite their rhetorical demands to reduce the deficit.

In response, Unrig Our Economy campaign director Sarah Baron issued the following statement:

“Not only would this Trump tax scam redux add billions to the deficit, but it’s also yet another blatant giveaway to big corporations that puts what everyday Americans need, such as Medicare and Social Security, at risk.

At every turn, this new Republican Congress makes their priorities clear — they’re in Washington to represent billionaires and big corporations at the expense of everyday working people, veterans, and seniors back home.  The facts are that the only way to make our economy work for working people is to make the ultra-wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share. Until House Republicans include that in a tax package, any rhetoric about serving the needs of working people is just that. Rhetoric.”

To learn more about the campaign, visit UnrigOurEconomy.com or contact [email protected].