Voters in Battleground Districts Believe the Middle Class is the Key to Increase Economic Growth

Washington D.C – As the Inflation Reduction Act, CHIPS Act, and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act continue to be implemented, and the US economy continues to improve, reaching the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, boasting plummeting drug costs for Americans on Medicare, record investments in communities, and inflation stabilizing, new polling from Navigator Research shows that​​ voters’ view of the economy has improved.

The most recent edition of Navigating the Battleground highlights what voters think of Republicans’ endless attempts to cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations. The polling also reveals voters’ serious concern about extreme Republican positions, including abortion bans— which rob Americans of the ability to choose how and when they grow their family. 

As Republicans continue to push for controversial legislation that favors the wealthy and corporate special interests, a majority think that Republicans in Congress are focused on the wrong issues

Unrig Our Economy campaign director Sarah Baron released the following statement:  

“This polling makes clear that voters are ready for their elected officials to take the economy seriously. Although major strides have been made to achieve a more equitable and fair economy for working people, Republicans in Congress are still doing everything in their power to ensure that wealthy corporations receive tax cuts at the expense of their constituents. We must continue to hold congressional Republicans accountable for yet again trying to extend shortcuts and pad the pockets of the wealthy and corporate special interests with the upcoming Tax Scam package.” 

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